Plates and profile steels used for the production are cleaned by shot blasting up to 2500 x 12.500 x 360 mm with a roller blasting machine.

CNC controlled flame and plasma cutting:

  • Flame cutting (Messer Omnimat) - General structural steels and light alloy steels are cut in a thickness of 10 up to 150 mm in a plate size of 4000x12000 mm.

  • Plasma cutting (MicroStep MSNC500) We cut carbon steels, acid-resistant and stainless steels in 3-60 mm thickness, up to 2500x6000 mm plate size. Mounted with a rotating head it is suitable for perpendicular and oblique cutting, for welding root preparation. The bevel angle range is 0 ° to 45 °.

Flame-cut and plasma-cut parts are cleaned with a hand grinder and shot blasting machine.

The parts are leveled on a 250 to hydraulic press and a plate straightening roller (up to a plate thickness of 15 mm and width of 2000 mm). The weld preparation of parts is made with semi-automatic flame cutter and IRB2000 3D robot. We use a CNC-controlled bending press (BAYKAL APHS 4100x500) and a 4-roller hydraulic plate rolling machine (Akyapak AHS2600) to bend the plates. Rolling of profile steels is performed on Pullmax Z41-Z52 three-roller ring bending machine.

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