Customer focus

We shape the standard of our activity in accordance with the articulated needs and unspoken expectations of our customers.


We strive to make our commitments clear, accurate and measurable. Our goal is to meet deadlines and expected product quality without fault.

Continuous development

We implement planned and continuous development

in the field of.

Process approach

Our quality policy is based on a process approach and process development based on objective measurement, monitoring data and customer feedback.

Corporate cultur

ASG’s management demonstrates its commitment to achieving the company’s core goals and quality-focused leadership. Accordingly, it constantly pays special attention to the development of corporate culture in line with these goals. Regularly use tools that are suitable for promoting and developing values that are consistent with the goals, and those that result in the elimination of behaviors that hinder the achievement of the goals.


We strive for a harmonious and responsible relationship with our stakeholders; with our customers, suppliers, employees, owners and the society around us, including environmental design, implementation and the development of an environmentally conscious approach

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