Our code of ethics contains all the basic principles that must be followed in order to ensure that our business always complies with legal requirements with full respect for business integrity.

All our employees are obliged to comply with the guidelines contained in this code, as well as the laws of the country in which they operate.


This guideline also aims to provide assistance to employees in complying with the code, moreover to inform the public about the behavior expected of employees, and to protect ASG employees from attempts to be involved in abuses, arbitrary employer measures and unjustified prosecution.


The regulations apply to all employees (including hired staff) of ASG Ltd. All employees must be familiar with the rules, laws, regulations and instructions applicable in their area.

All employees of ASG Ltd. (including hired staff) are obliged to operate and act in accordance with the guidelines contained in this code.

General Principles

a. Behaviour

 All employees and leaders must:

·      comply with the laws, general regulations, instructions, collective agreements applicable in their area, and they must perform their duties in such a manner as to comply with their provisions;

·      treat colleagues, subordinates and business partners with respect, fairness and cooperation;

·      acknowledge that the employer does not tolerate sexual harrassment, physical and verbal abuse;

·      strictly avoid conflicts of interest between business and personal life;

·      behave in such a way that does not provide them with an unfair advantage;

·      comply with data protection, occupational, safety and environmental protection regulations;

·      report violations of this policy to their immediate supervisor.


b. Legal compliance

All employees of ASG Ltd. are obliged to be informed about the laws, regulations and instructions applicable in their work area, which are binding on the acting parties and according to which all employees are obliged to act during their work activities.

c. Equal treatment

Any discrimination based on any ground such as gender, colour, race, nationality, ethnic or social origin, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, disability, age or sexual orientation shall be prohibited.

Everyone has the right to equal, courteous and respectful treatment. The personal dignity and faith of others must be respected.

All of this is especially true for the procedure and treatment shown during the hiring process, staff transfer or dismissal, as well as the treatment of business partners.

Everyone has the right to equal, polite and respectful treatment. The personal dignity and belief of others must be respected. ASG has undertaken to prevent and precede discrimination against workers during employment.

d. Responsibility

Each employee is personally responsible for complying with the legal, professional and ethical rules applicable to their job and level of responsibility, as well as for having them obeyed by their employees.

e. Confidentiality

All data and information learned by the employee during the work is considered the property of the company. Business information that becomes known to the employee must be treated confidentially and must only be shared for the purpose of performing the tasks and only with the persons who are entrusted with the task and within the scope of the task.

All business data must be kept confidential. This specifically applies to non-disclosure agreements with business partners.

Data protection laws in particular apply to personal data. The above data are collected and treated confidentially in accordance with the aforementioned laws.

Fair business conduct

a. Corruption

It is forbidden to accept any compensation (money, favors, gifts, etc.) in exchange for giving others illegal advantages.

It is forbidden to influence others with illegal means or methods, either in order to assert personal or business interests.

It is forbidden to support the illegal actions of others.

b. Illegal payments, gifts

There is no room for influence through gifts or entertainment in our business relationships. This also applies to either giving or accepting a gift.

Our anti-bribery policy defines zero tolerance.

Donations offered by the company must be approved in writing by the Managing Director.

c. Fair business relations with consumers, competitors and other partners

Our relationships with our business partners are characterized by fair procedures, a high degree of trust and independence in making business decisions. Our business decisions cannot be influenced by private interests and personal goals. When cooperating with business partners and suppliers, special attention must be paid to the fulfillment of the following conditions:

·       full compliance with the law,

·       prevention of corruption;

·       compliance with data protection rules;

·       protecting the health and safety of workers;

·       compliance with labor and environmental protection rules;

·       compliance with embargo regulations.


d. Conflicts of interest, incompatibility

It is forbidden to abuse the company's position and use the company's assets for personal gain. Any situation that could lead to an apparent or real conflict of interest with the company must be avoided. Any kind of advantage granted to family members, friends, or organizations working with those is considered a personal advantage.

e. Prohibition of child labor and protection of young people at work

ASG Ltd. strictly observes the restrictions on child labor according to Hungarian and EU laws or prohibition: in the case of children, the minimum age limit for employment - without prejudice to rules more favorable to minors and with limited exceptions - cannot be lower than the upper limit of the compulsory school age. When employing apprentices and career starters, ASG Ltd. appoints mentors who not only help the young learn and integrate into the organization, but supervise the preservation of their health and physical integrity.

f. Audited financial statements

The company prepares an annual financial report that provides a transparent, accurate and real reflection of business transactions and the company's financial and economic situation.

g. Intellectual property and asset protection

All employees working at ASG Ltd. are responsible for the company's assets. The company’s tangible property (machines, equipment and tools) as well as the company’s intellectual property (data, patent rights, trademarks, and know-how) must be managed, protected and used for the best benefit and legitimate interests of the company.  Leaders are obliged to take measures to prevent misuse of the company's assets, especially theft and damage. Incoming and outgoing asset transactions must be transparent, traceably recorded and economically accountable.

h. Environmental protection

ASG Ltd. complies with the applicable environmental protection and technological regulations and promotes the enforcement of the strictest regulations aimed at reducing the negative environmental effects associated with business activity.

All our employees must comply with the environmental protection laws and the relevant company regulations, instructions and rules during their daily work.

i. Responsibility for our employees

We take responsibility for all ouremployees. We are committed to helping the people who work at ASG feel safe and stay healthy. First comes safety, compliance with applicable laws and regulations regarding working hours and minimum wages, and compliance with laws related to the right of workers to assemble.

j. Leadership culture

Our managerial activities are in line with the values and goals of ASG Ltd. Our executives are committed to the guidelines and get their subordinates to obey the rules as well.

As they represent value to us, we believe in our dedicated employees. Based on the principle of reciprocity, we support them in achieving their individual and company goals, as well as in assuming joint responsibility.

Other provisions 

a. Teamwork

We believe in teamwork and we support it, as we know that the best solutions are created as a result of cooperation with colleagues and customers. Effective teamwork requires good relationships, respect and attention, and we encourage our employees to do so.

b. Political activity

It is forbidden to undertake any political offer or expense on behalf of ASG Ltd., unless the company management specifically gives permission to do so.

c. Economic crimes

ASG Ltd. must minimize the incidence of economic crimes, including money laundering, fraud, bribery, tax fraud, corruption and embezzlement. ASG Ltd. declares zero tolerance towards all economic crimes.

Violations of our principles and guidelines linked to economic crimes are subject to the strictest sanctions at our disposal

d. Equal opportunities report

ASG provides un equal opportunities report to the public on what relevant cases have occurred at the company.

e. Corporate social responsibility

ASG Ltd. supports local communities connected to the company and cooperates with them involved in their activities and operations especially in the following areas and topics: environmental protection, sports, people with altered working abilities, community and charity programs, patronage, business partners, etc.).

f. Complaints

All employees are required to report any violations in accordance with these guidelines to their immediate supervisor. In case of suspected involvement of the employee's manager, the superior one level higher can be notified. We treat whistleblowers' data and the information they provide as confidential. No one may be discriminated against for reporting violations within the scope of these regulations.

The company management examines the reported cases with the involvement of the affected department and the HR department, and initiates a regular investigation procedure to clarify them.

g. Sanctioning of violations

Any employee who violates any of the Guidelines detailed in these regulations may be reprimanded, given a written warning, or may be terminated.

In case of a third party's claim forcompensation, as well as other particularly serious violations, a fine can beimposed, or the employee may be subject to criminal proceedings.


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