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b2fair Award 2011 ASG Gépgyártó Kft Since its establishment, ASG Gépgyártó Kft. has been functioning basically as a permanent supplier to multinational companies through its continuously growing system of relations . Our main strength is manufacturing mid-weight parts and subassemblies made from long- wearing steel plates with increased yield point, in accordance with customer technical specifications. We place a special emphasis on enhancing the complexity of assembling to best meet the customer requests. The focal point in our technological know-how is welding technology that meets special conditions. Our activities extend to all processes, from technological design (2D-3D) to implementation.

The location of our company is excellent from logistics point of view. We purchase the overwhelming majority of the raw materials directly from the producers, with whom we have established good relations. We continuously train our staff, the supply of manual workers is ensured by in-house training in our welding training workshop. In order to facilitate even better communication with our partners, we pay utmost attention to improve the staff's language skills. Continuous improvement of our technological equipment capacity is also in our focus of attention. To finance such an expansion we regularly use favourable government sources of finance. Our objective is to produce flawless products within short lead time. We prefer small- and medium- series production, but customized production is also an essential part of our activity.

We intend to achieve our objectives through customer satisfaction. Our priority is to create long-term business relations. To this end we continually improve our company culture and endeavour to understand and apply modern company management methods as well as procedures which can contribute to the effectiveness of our operations. We cooperate with our partners in their efforts to develop their supply chain. To improve the efficiency of our processes we are pleased to attend joint training courses with our partners, and invite external specialists. Our operation is supported by secure IT services, which are updated on a continuous basis.

The activities of our company are basically not harmful to the environment. We collect and dispose of the hazardous waste persistently, in a controlled and secure way. Since its foundation, our company has been trying to build harmonic relationship with our business partners as well as with the public. Well organised and orderly relationships in a supporting environment also contribute to the accomplishment and achievement of our objectives.

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