Field of activity

Manufacturing of light and heavy welded structures (1-10 t), machine parts, welded structures made from unalloyed structural steel:

  • Welded structures made from high strength steel
  • Welded machinery structures made of materials with increased yield point
  • Manufacturing of machine parts with universal NC and CNC machines

Main group of products:

  • Welded structures, parts for shipbuilding industry, underwater dredge-heads.
  • Steel parts for mining industry (drilling machine frames, konsols, support shields)
  • Parts of building machines:
    • polyp dredgers
    • demolition and sorting grabs
    • housings for hydraulic hammers
    • hydraulic crushers and cutters
  • Parts of mobile cranes
    • upper carriages
    • carriages
    • support housings and arms
  • Pontoons
  • Other unique equipment
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