Company history

The current ASG’s predecessor organisation was established in 1956 (with 450 employees), named as the Central Workshop of Tatabánya Mining Company. That company was established to carry out the maintaining of power supply systems, the production of mechanical parts and the repair of mining machines.

In 1964 the company moved to its current site, and extended its activities with some activities related to mining operations (e.g. production and repair of elevators and pumps).

1968-71: New workshops and sanitary premises were constructed. Mechanic and hydraulic repair of mining equipment was extended. The licensed production of Warman pumps was launched. (with a staff number of 1300)

1976-: Collaboration with Scharf GmbH (production of components and subassemblies for underground transporting systems) and Hemscheidt (production of mine safety equipment and steel structures)

1980-83: New workshops, stores and machines. Production of mining equipment and welded structures were extended. (with 1600 employees)

1984: integration of the activities into a complex, multifunctional organisational unit, focusing on the production and installation of mineral processing equipment, water and sewage treatment equipment, an additionally sustaining the mining machinery production profile as well

1989: Restructuring of the Tatabánya Mining Company into a divisional organisational structure. The ASG division was established. Our main functions were the repair of mining equipment and mining machinery, installation and repair of electrical equipment, production of welded steel structures and pumps.

1993: ASG Gépgyártó Kft. was established, as an individual company.

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