Our code of ethics contains all the principles that must be followed and / or avoided to ensure that business is always complying with legal requirements with full respect for business integrity. It also aims to:help your staff comply with them,inform the public about the behavior expected of employees,protect the ASG's employees from attempts to engage in abusive practices, from arbitrary employer action and from undue liability.

General Principles

  • Lawful conduct

    All employees of the ASG follow the laws of the country in which they are actives and conduct honestly, responsibly, ethically, and lawfully.

  • Responsibility

    All our employees are personally responsible for compliance with legal, professional and ethical rules regarding their job and level of responsibility.

  • Equal opportunities and respect

    Everyone has the right to equal, polite and respectful treatment. The personal dignity and belief of others must be respected. ASG has undertaken to prevent and precede discrimination against workers during employment.

  • Confidentiality

    All data and information known in the course of the work is the property of the company Information that is become known to the company should be treated confidentially and should only be used legally to carry out the tasks.

  • Fair business conduct

    • Illegal payments, gifts

      In our business relationships there is no place for influencing business through gift or entertainment. This also applies to giving and acceptance. Our anti-bribery policy defines zero tolerance.

    • Fair business relationship with consumers, competitors and other partners

      ÜOur relationships with our business partners are characterized by a high degree of trust, and a high degree of independence in business decisions. Our business decisions cannot be influenced by private interests and personal goals.

    • Conflicts of interest, incompatibility

      It is forbidden to misuse the position of the company, and the use of the company's assets to obtain personal benefits . Any situation that could lead to an apparent or real conflict of interest with the company should be avoided,including family, friends, and organizations that work with them.

    • Audited financial statements

      The ASG’s annual report give a complete, accurate and true picture of business transactions and the company's situation and position.

  • Wealth, intellectual property

    Everyone is responsible for the assets and property of the company and must use, preserve and manage it for the benefit of the ASG . Everyone is required to protect the company's patent rights, trademarks, know-how, and other intellectual property rights. The company is also obliged to respect the intellectual property rights of others.

  • Environmental protection

    ASG enforces existing environmental and technological standards and promotes the application of the most stringent regulations to reduce negative environmental impacts associated with business.

  • Responsibility for our employees

    We take responsibility for all our employees. We are committed to ensuring that all people who work at ASG feel safe and remain healthy. Safety first, complying with applicable laws and regulations on work hours and minimum wages as well as observance of the laws regarding our employees' right to assemble.

Management culture

VOur managerial activities are in line with the values and goals of the ASG. Our managers peculiarly keep their behaviour to the guidelines and fulfil their role. We put our faith in our capable and dedicated employees, and rely on the shared responsibility of the ASG's executives

Special Principles

  • Teamwork

    The best solutions come from working with colleagues and clients. Effective teamwork requires good relationships, respect and attention.

  • Political activity

    It is forbidden to undertake any political offer or expense on behalf of the Company unless specifically authorized by the Company's management.

  • Economic crime

    ASG should minimize the incidence of economic crime, including money laundering, fraud, bribery, tax fraud, corruption and mismanagement. ASG announces zero tolerance for all economic crimes. For this reason, violations of our principles and guidelines are not tolerated and are punished without regard for the rank or the person involved.

  • Equal opportunities report

    ASG provides un equal opportunities report to the public on how relevant cases have occurred at the company.

  • Corporate social responsibility

    ASG supports local communities associated with it and works with affected parties in its activities and operations (environmental protection, changed working capacity people, or fun programs, charity, patronage activity, fair business etc.).

  • Complaints

    All infringement notices must be reported to the Board who examines the reported cases and initiates a proper procedure for clarification

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